Wrist Bands: The Continuing Saga

wrist band.jpg Youthblog is being deluged with hits by people seeking wrist-bands! Hopefully the link to Ben Bell’s definitive guide will furnish them with he information that they need! I have though tracked down a company that produces them to a minimum order of 200! How cool is that, I’m tempted to order some of my HWHGITMITFP ones but I reckon there must be some more creative ideas!
I’ve found a Christian ABC one, which is “Admit Believe Confess” and is billed as, “This year’s witnessing wristband!” (I haven’t found what last year’s one was!) I also found a lurid green band which bears the motto “be a testimony
I reckon I’d like a “Live Strong” one to support the Lance Armstrong Cancer work (and because he is awesome!) but would have “John 10:10” after it to show how!
Youthblog’s conclusion: The wrist band thing has been done to death! But what will the emerging post-wristband theological expression be? (being ironic here!)
The above is my suggestion for the “Ok, I’m done turning the other cheek now” wristband!

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