Theology and Card Games

Major theological debate last night, Tony Campolo had done a fantastic talk in which he really got us to look at our theology in a new way, deliberately provoking our assumed theological norms, brilliant! I won’t hit you with this at the moment although I’ve no doubt elements of it will perculate through the blog over the next few days. Thought I’d instead write about the card game we played until way too late last night.
You have to put “Shop” into your “Great Card Games for Residentials” File!
cards.jpg At the start of the round the 4-6 players each pick the name of a high street shop. The cards are shared round and remain unseen face down. The idea is to get rid of all your cards!
Its a bit like snap, everyone places 1 card in a circle in the middle at the same time and continues to do this. IF however two of the cards match then a duel forms between those two players, the first person to shout something that can be bought from the other persons shop (and has not been said before) is able to punt all the cards in the middle to the loser!
If someone puts their last card down they remain in play and any card that matches their final offering would create the usual duel!
Obviously the first person out wins and so on. Once you only have 2 players it doesn’t work and they are the Losers!
The game is hilarious as you suddenly have to try and remember your opponents shop and think of something that they sell. Great fun!

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