The preaching Gig (Post Match Analysis)

Had fun at Wallingford and was encouraged to see a “Youth” focused services that a number of churches were pulling togther. I wasn’t that happy with my preach! Was already struggling to cut material as “Hope” was such a major topic, in a classic piece of muppetry though I hadn’t read the order of service before this evening and only when got there did I spot the “12 minutes” time allocation. Ended up rushing a bit too much. Live and learn eh!
As an experiment I had a series of Powerpoint slides running in the background with video and Gif animation as part of a montage which included some questions and thoughts as well as related Bible verses. Didn’t really get a good answer as to whether it added a visual layer to things or was just distracting!
Chocolate Fingers and Party Rings to eat afterwards though which seems far more in keeping with God’s grace than Rich Tea or the weirdly named “Nice” biscuits!

2 Replies to “The preaching Gig (Post Match Analysis)”

  1. I preached last sunday night after hearing Campoloand two mintues before I stood up I had a crisis of confidence as to wether I could hold them longer than 10 minutes, when he did 25 min intros!!!!!!

  2. I’ve just been invited for my first “away match”!
    I know, I know – young whippersnapper!
    Hearing Campolo somehow discouraged and encouraged me!
    Glad to hear you big tough guys get wobbly too!
    I’m sure you were both great!

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