Teenage Misery

bliss.jpg This BBC news article on a survey done for Bliss magazine among 14/15 year old girls makes for some tough reading. All sort of stuff in there but I’m very interested in the self-harm findings. These figures are certainly higher than the oficial statistics AND there is not enough research being done in this area …. I’m hoping that’s about to change though, especially as this is a growing area in which I am asked for advice from youth leaders. (Please leave a link for any resources that you have come across or use)
The report also draws out, as ever, the need for someone for young people to talk to!
Thanks to Tim for the link to this web site which is really good!

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  1. ian, this is a crazy article. i have spent time with a few girls who have cut & other who become depressed. it truly is hard. anyhow, i took the article and posted in my “myspace.com” blog. i consider the myspace thing a, going to where the kids are talking ministry. i am interested to see what they respond with.

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