Taken to the Cleaners, Parliment should be embarrased

Really good session at college yesterday around “power” and how power dynamics work out in groups and structures. Very interesting to be looking at how power is retained and used by those who have it and of course the effects of having no power by nature of your staus or position. I’ll end up blogging about this at some stage as it’s an important element with youthwork BUT it was interesting that the media covered a classic example of power and powerlessness last night:
It turns out that cleaners at the House of Commons get paid £4.85 an hour (THE minimum wage), no pension provision and only 12 days holiday a year AND that’s in cental London! I am really embarrassed that Parliment can so abuse power to treat workers in this way. As an MP you get £55k a year, many many perks and some of them claim over £100k a year in expenses many of which would be classed as benefits in kind in any other situation BUT the cleaners, without whom Parliment wouldn’t function are payed the legal minimum and a shockingly injust amount of holiday and no pension! AND it’s a Labour government!