Out on a limb for a good cause

Image(182).jpg Cool piece of work from Ben Bell who has managed to put together a detailed “post” outlining the dizzying array of wristbands you can buy to support (or campaign against) stuff! It’s an impressive list starting from the “live Strong” one that kicked the whole thing off! I reckon it’d make a really good youth session type discussion in the form of:
1. What do we support?
2. How do we show it?
3. What do we actually do about it?

As you can see (strange looks in the office when taking the above photo!) I have my white (actually it’s going grey) “Make Poverty History” band. Another two that I wear for the radical reason that I like them! Lastly I’m declaring my multicoloured friendship bracelet as a “being broadly supportive of lots of things” one!
I quite liked the WWJD bands because it is such an awesome question but I REALLY REALLY didn’t get the FROG and PUSH ones! My favourite by far though was the one that the youth group made for me which boldly proclaimed, “HWHGITMITFP” …. “He wouldn’t have got into this mess in the first place!”

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  1. I agree with you here, there is now an opportunity to have an arm full, but it is a great way of showing our support. Although i heard the other day that the blue,’bully’ bands have cause the wearers to get bullied more, the band seems to signify soft target which is a sham. As for the FROG and PUSH bands, i suppose the FROG is just about ok although i’m not a big fan but PUSH i disagree with, people seem the think it ‘Pray until what I want happens’ we spend so much time waiting for ‘something’ to happen that we miss it when it does because it is not what we had in mind!

  2. on camp this summer one of my girls M had a nosebleed at 11.30 at night. her best friend told us that the last time M had had a nosebleed it had gone on for 2 hours and she’d ended up in hospital. so once we’d got her a box of tissues and sent for the medic, we prayed. by the time the medic arrived M had stopped bleeding. I sent all my girls a PUSH band afterwards to remind them to pray and what can happen when we do.
    I wear an icthus/fish band – one of the post-grad demonstrators in one of my pracs noticed it and commented on how appropriate it was for a marine biologist and asked where she could get one. i explained the actual significance and that you could get them from christian bookshops, but not before she had compared it to the one a friend wears which is of UV marijuana leaves!!
    oh well!

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