Matrix Conference reflections

The Matrix Conference was awesome! If you’re employed by a Church in a youth work role it’s my humble opinion that it is THE conference to go to. Clearly not everyone will agree, there are 7000 youth workers out there employed by Churches and the Matrix saw only 1.4% of them gathered togther. However for those that were there we experienced challenging theology, fun, methodology, space, discussion and the chance to hang around with some awesome practicioners! The Worship led by Jonny and Jenny Baker was deep, connected and inspiring! I’m sincerely hoping that in two years it’ll happen again and if it does, BOOK early!
It does raise a serious question though. If there are 7000 of us out there, where are the forums for discussion? where is the professional development happening? Where are we raising the stakes in the areas of theology and methodology? Where are we learning from and challenging each other?

2 Replies to “Matrix Conference reflections”

  1. Over the conference it struck me that I don’t have forums in which I challenge stuff and am challenged to think. I also realised how many times I read stuff on youthblog, thinking ‘I must come back to that and think more deeply about it’ and I don’t.
    Thanks for challenging me to be challenged and to think more!
    Having said that, The Matrix certainly has done that and I realise how much I need it!
    Do we really have to wait another two years for the next one?

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