Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Despite high hopes no snow has materialized yet to the disappointment of youthworkers across the South. Pete has even waxed his sledge! I’ve always wanted to be on a Youth Weekend and wake up to a really awesome covering of snow, the closest we ever got was walking in a blizzard on the top of the Malverns!
So for everyone who is sufficiently and wonderfully childlike to want it to snow, here’s hoping …..

4 Replies to “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”

  1. We have just had a few flakes fall this afternoon in wales. We are hopefull for more overnight!! Come on Snow!! My sledge may not be waxed but it is definatly ready to go! lol

  2. it doesn’t snow in plymouth 🙁 something to do with the salinity of the air means it melts more easily. grrr i hate physics! but if it’s reeeeeeeeeeeeally cold it snows. fingers crossed 😀

  3. Yep that counts, cool!
    My 4 year old has just woken me up by bellowing at mega decibels, “IT’S SNOWING!”
    not much but definitely beautiful (we’re going outside to play!)

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