I like Big Bibles!

thumb_babygotbook.jpg You have to check out this video called Baby Got Book it cracked me up. I’m unsure whether you could actually use it in a session or whether it’d just be great to show at the start of a team meeting, you decide! It’s 13 megs in its biggest form so be ye warned but for the broader-banded of you, enjoy!
Oh and while your in the mood for watching videos, how much fun does this look as an activity? Tarping!

5 Replies to “I like Big Bibles!”

  1. I hate rap, but I think I want this on DVD! It’s about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I like the message about looking for a Godly girl(I’m 17)

  2. Jonathan,
    Cool to hear from you, glad the vid made you laugh! As this blog is written mainly for youth workers/leaders there are not many teens that have dropped by so especially good to hear from you.

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