How to be a Christian and still be cool?

Someone stumbled into Youthblog last night after googling for the above information! What would your advice be? The way I figure it is being a Christian means also being on a journey on which you discover more about God, more about the world AND more about yourself. Ultimately that will help you to Know and be able to value yourself. The coolest people I know are people who are happy to be who they are, however different that may be! However that may be too simplistic and not very practical for the enquirer.
Assuming it’s a teenager asking the question, what would your answer be?

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  1. I think that ‘coolness’ has alot to do with your previous post – authenticity. be an authenic christian and remember that Jesus was cool – got invited to parties, always had a story to tell and was as interested and trustworthy as he appeared to be. 😀

  2. There is that great saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think in many respect the same can be said about coolness (is that a real word?)Part of being cool is about being cool with who you are, who God created you to be. Once you have got that sorted everything else is somebody else’s problem in may respects. As mentioned above Jesus was cool, He was also radical and stood out from the crowd, and from a humanistic point of view that is why He was killed, He stuck with who He was, now that’s cool!

  3. I too agree with KT, authentic christainity is cool to your average teenager particularly when we tap into the radical, militant, Jesus that is so often missed by the popular sterilized version.

  4. i have been thinking about the Christian as a pilgrim and being on a pilgrimage instead of a journey. the pilgrim is a “stranger” with an intentional way. the stranger part might not be cool.. …. or maybe it is, but i think people who know where they are going attract people who are astray, and that might be cool.
    i also like think that Christians live a life different from others, fasting, hours of prayer, a calendar that depicts a new framework of time, etc. this and the community of Christians i find pretty cool. i am sure there’s like two people who find it cool too.

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