Fun to Hug?

I asked the question whether I could put “volume 5, FUN to HUG” on the youthwork bookshelf. I really appreciate the responses and I decided to sum up the debate by locating it with appropriate titles in my Library to summarize the discussion!
fun to hug low.jpg
So in summary,”Fun to Hug”? “Mostly harmless” but a bit of mine-field given the “State we are in”, It remains somewhere in the realms of “Youthwork and how to do it” but one wonders, “Among Women Only”?
Further posting to the hug debate must be headed by an appropriate book title 🙂

4 Replies to “Fun to Hug?”

  1. I think we should all be grateful that you don’t have any of the following on your shelves:
    J. Trollope, “Other People’s Children”
    E. Nesbit, “Five Children and It”
    D. H. Lawrence, “Sons and Lovers”
    M Yaconelli, “Messy Christianity”???
    Hang on …
    Is that “The Scandal of Father Brown” in the background ??
    “The Innocence of Father Brown” or “The Wisdom of Father Brown” would be more suitable, surely??!!!

  2. “Adventures in Missing the point” for those that criticise.
    “The Cost of Discipleship” for those that abstain
    “A passion for holiness” for those that enjoy it too much
    “To boldly go” for those who are tentative
    “Run baby run” for those who have had a bad experience
    and finally
    “Intended for Pleasure”………
    In truth I find the whole hug thing a nightmare!!!

  3. Lol… due to an awareness of the power of poetic license, I didn’t fully accept that the volume ‘Fun-Hug’ might actually really exist, so I’m chuffed (and suitably mollified) that you have photographic evidence!
    (A small [and slightly more serious] aside: I’m actually reading Yaconelli’s ‘Messy Spirituality’ at the mo, and am totally amazed, challenged and excited by it. I think I shall quote it lots in my book. However, there are so many ‘enormous yes’ moments in it (see Larkin’s poem, ‘For Sidney Bechet’), I wonder if I’ll get to the end of it and realise that the book I’ve been mulling over for the last 3 months has, in fact, already been written.)

  4. Just given a talk to a TWG about my job – one lady read a poem about hugging because she was concerned that people were lonely. Then proceeded to hug everyone as they left.
    I like The little book of hugs – The Theraputic art of hugging!

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