From Methodology to Theology

ywcover.gif I was reading Youthworker Journal and found this great article by Dan Kimball which resonates with stuff I’ve been kicking around for a few days it’s a challenge to, “Become Worshiping Communities of Missional Theologians”
“Whether we realize it or not, our methodology flows from our theology. If we aren’t thinking about theology, then we’ll only have a shallow form of youth ministry. We allow whatever works to drive our hearts and minds because we’re mainly judged by and rewarded by results—if the teenagers have fun, if they enjoy coming to youth group, if the numbers are up, if the parents are happy, etc. All of these types of subtle measurements force us to focus predominately on methods without even realizing it”

3 Replies to “From Methodology to Theology”

  1. Good link, thanks for that. CS Lewis was passionate about theology being accesible, he once reminded preachers that spoke at too lofty a level, “Jesus said feed my sheep not feed my giraffes!”
    I liked the “what wouldn’t jesus do” T shirt by the way!

  2. I like the theology bit too, and had just blooged about Maggi’s CS Lewis reference.
    I will be 40 this year so, as a youth worker, read this post with interest.

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