Forging a new path

Tony Campolo has been incredibly provocative theologically over the course of the Matrix and he’s forged an interesting path through some established areas. I liked his observation that “All theology is heresy!” as “any human theological construct will be flawed!” It’s so difficult to re-evaluate your theology without your previous presuppositions automatically bringing you around to the same conclusion. Tony demonstrated though how so much of our theology is rooted in Greek philosophy, Calvinism and Newtonian physics and has left a complicated maze to navigate and left a question hanging about theology for the 21st Century.
As Sally Nash challenged us though, “our theology must run ahead of our methodology!” so re-visiting would be a good thing to do eh?

3 Replies to “Forging a new path”

  1. Thanks for your comments on the Matrix – a good account for those of us who weren’t there.
    I particularly like the comments from Campolo and the picture may well ‘say it all’ for the way forward!

  2. Rob,
    Thanks for the comment, wish I could get more of a flavour down of what Tony said, I’m hoping others may “post” some of it, I’ll then link to it!

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