Danger is just what teenagers need

There’s a great story in the UK Telegraph this morning reporting Briefly on two TV programmes, “Serious Artic” and “Serious Desert!” They both involve taking a group of young teenagers away on an expedition where they are given as much responsibility as possible as they faced the challenges of the expedition and the day to day working together to make things work. I’m pleased to hear about a piece of TV where the young people were set up for success not for failure!
Young People need Risk and they need challenge and they are capable of far more then they are generally given credit for! These are bread and butter themes for us as youth workers but nice to have the media on our side for once rather than the unhelpful “Young person breaks toe nail on School trip, Parents to sue” type coverage which gives further ammo to those who limit young people’s opportunities.
The article also makes the point that young people embrace risk. Without the opportunity for meaningful challenge they embrace other risks such as binge drinking, riskier and without the learning and development opportunity.
Couple of great quotes from the Newspaper article:
I think most people underestimate what the 12-15 age group is capable of. We baby kids so the kids themselves don’t believe they are capable” Marshall Corwin (Producer)
GCSE’s don’t seem scary now. If I can survive the Artic, I can do anything” Jennielyn (15)

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  1. The quotation from the director is very ‘finding nemo’ methinks!
    i think more universities should encourage productive gap years – independant travelling, expedition or voluntary work. in the student population it really shows who has lived life and who’s been babied at home.

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