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Searches googling for “Youth group names” and “youth ministry names” are the biggest single source of new hits that Youthblog gets! How Bizarre is that? I am staggered that these far outweigh searches for any other (and more) important avenue of youth ministry! I don’t believe the teenagers will ever think,
Hey that programme has a cool name, I’ll go along and check it out!
I’m still haunted by some of the truly cheesily acronymed names that I stumbled across for a previous blog.I stand by my call for a vision not a name to form the group and then for the young people to run with the creative part. Spent some of my idle thinking time today mentally playing with the Cheesy name thing. Just in case anyone was tempted to go down the Crass Acronym route I decided to think up a few. I thought it might work as a kind of vaccination, that is, in being exposed to a small but active part of the disease it might prevent future contamination!
NERDY: New Encounters, Really Disipling Youth
YUCK: Youth Under Christs Kingdom
IMPACT:Inernational Ministry Promoting Calvinistic Teens
CHEESY: Christs Hotspot, Evangelising Energising Societies Youth
Actually I think that these are not as bad as some actual ones I’ve seen. As ever I took things too far and thought of, Faithfully Urging Christian Learning! (It would have been Christian Knowledge but I chickened out!)

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  1. Of course there’s ‘Always Ready (to) Serve (and) Evangelise’. And perhaps ‘Christ Rules: I kNow God’s Everlasting’. Sorry – I could not physically resist trying it out myself.

  2. I’m cracking my head to think of the names for 10 groups of children in a children vacation bible camp. The theme of the camp is Get Connected.
    Can someone give me some idea?

  3. I’m starting a drama/human video/dance team at our church and need a great name. we are small but are hoping this brings the youth in. Thanks for your help….anyone!

  4. Hi,
    We are looking for a Youth Camp Theme and name for it. Our Topic for this camp is the Four I’s : Identity , Integrity , Influence , Involvement. So if u guys could suggest me a Theme for it as well as a name. Thank u.

  5. Our youth group is called The R.O.C.K.
    …and i forget the rest! Lol 🙂

  6. I dunno about the opening comment. It seems that God places importance on names in scripture. Adam claimed dominion by naming the animals. Saul’s name changed to Paul when his purpose changed – as did Abraham’s. There is something very sacred about a mother naming her young, and let’s not forget about the name change I filed when I married Jim. Names tell us where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. Just a thought.

  7. I think it is good if the teens help with the process and I think the name should be a reflection of the mission statement. I also think it would be nice to have a little help from the internet because sometimes it is hard to be creative. For those trying to find a name, try cool words in Hebrew that have an equally cool meaning. 🙂

  8. i need help!!! my youth group needs a name cuz we r starting completely over, we r 3 girls, a freshman, a junior and a senior. we’ve been friends ever since i can remember, since the church started. we think our church is crumbling, we think that the end of it is coming near. so we r trying to keep that from happening by starting over. so please if u have any suggestions for names email me
    thank u

  9. Hi,
    I need a name for my group. We are a study group of six. Any suggestions will help.
    thank u

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