Young People are worth listening to!

Sometimes I feel like a play a one string guitar (metaphorically speaking you understand, I can’t play any instruments no matter how simple) as I spend so much time saying, “Listen to young people!” It’s amazing how many people just don’t seem to think this is a worthwhile excercise. I know a youth worker who was invited to take a party of young people to the houses of Parliment to meet with one of the ministers. The minister duly met them and said, “I’m very keen to hear what you have to say!” He then spoke for 20 minutes, looked at his watch and said, “oh I’ve got to go now!” I won’t even start on the Church stories!
As a result I was really encouraged by one of the positive stories that came out of the Indian Ocean Disaster, the story of how a 10 year old girl saved a whole beach of people! Tilly had learned about Tsunami’s in school. When the water started to recede she recognised what was likely to happen, while the other tourists were just staring and looking on she told he mum that there was going to be a Tidal Wave. Her mum told the hotel staff and the beach was evacuated, as a result no one from that beach lost their life!
Supposing no-one had listened to the little girl?
Young people are worth listening to!