What does a youth group look like?

Someone found Youthblog by Googling, “What does a youth group look like?” which I thought was a strange question and led me off into some bizarre thinking. I wondered if I should produce a list of must-have teen types, e.g the Extrovert-enthuser, the Shy-creative, the Friendly-encourager, the Animated-argumentative? I didn’t think I could come up with a typical list though. I certainly couldn’t come with any standard idea, shape, membership or meeting time for a youth group either!
ban the cheese.JPG Frustrated at this I decided to ask myself “What should a Youth Group be called?” I went looking and found a list of hundreds of genuine youth ministry groups on the “Pastor2youth” site! There were some great names and some that answered the question, “What shouldn’t a youth group be called?” It would be against the positive nature of Youthblog to name and shame but if there isn’t at least one under “M” that makes you go, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” then we have to talk!
Moral of this blog is no matter what the youth group looks like NEVER grab a name then try and make it into an acronym!