Undercover Youthworker

secret-agent2.gif I’m going up to Swanwick Conference Centre for today and tomorrow. I will be at the “Connect” conference for Youth Work/Ministry trainers BUT in the same centre at the same time will be the “Good Book” Conference for Children’s/Youth Workers which I’d not heard of at all until Sunday! (I will attempt to go undercover and infiltrate one of their sessions to be able to let you know about this mysterious gathering that managed somehow to completely avoid my radar)
Swanick’s sister Conference Centre (not sure what makes them sisters rather than just siblings?) has wi-fi so I’m hoping that there will be a high level of blogability at Swanwick too!
Anyone at the Connect Conference will be able to spot me as I’ll be wearing a Youthblog T Shirt, at the other I will, obviously, be in disguise!

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  1. Oh yes my friend …. and looking forward to it enormously. The “Connect” thing is only 24 hours and I only made it to 1 day of IASYM so I’m not quite the conference junkie I appear.

  2. Another conference I almost went to (Connect).
    But I am booked for the Matrix – so you’d better wash you youthblog t-shirt before then so I can spot you!

  3. Embarassed to say I failed. The Connect conference I was at was brilliant which left me disinclined to bunk off ( I also ended up leading a seminar at short notice to add to the fun). I did find I knew a couple of people at the “Good Book” Conference so I’ll hopefully get some reflections from them, My big question is how it worked as a combined Youth and Childrens conference? Especially the main meetings.

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