Tweenagers Training

Ran a session on “The Church and Tweenagers” last night for St Nix* which is where I used to be the Youth Worker. Really good bunch of people and the start of some good discussion on how we more effectively work with Tweens! The great thing about training in this particular arena is that there are more questions than answers so the discussion around “How?” always throws up some new creative avenues.
Quite a lot of the input last night was drawn from Marketing text Books such as “Brand Child.” The Marketing people spend a fortune on research and they really understand this age group.
Martin Lindstrom who wrote “Brand Child” has some very interesting observations on what characteristics/values will be present for the most succesful brands. He reckons that they will have the right measure of:
Brand Child.jpg Fear

If these are themes that engage Tweens then I’d love to develop a “Son of Tweenagers” training which looks creatively at these and how they overlap with our teaching and living out of a Christ Centered Life.