The long dark night of the blogger

Common Cold.gif I was looking forward to going to work today and manning the Youth Adviser hot desk once again but alas a “Common Cold” has left me feeling uncommonly horrible! On the plus side though being up half the night meant a couple of hours trawling in uncharted territories of the Blogosphere and in the process I found some great new blogs, chief among them was this one:
Amy Loves Books is fantastic! I don’t know how to do justice to it really but I just loved the stories she had to tell, the overflowing sense of wonder and life, the reality and the way she writes! If you’re confined to barracks today, pour yourself a double lemsip, log on to Amy’s site (go into the archives and start at Jan 04) and read an inspiring blog by the only person I’ve ever heard of who go sacked from the library for reading the books!
Amy loves books.JPG

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  1. thanks for stopping by, and for the very kind words. it’s always a blessing and joy to meet new friends via. the blogosphere.

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