St Nix Church Newbury

I mentioned I was at St Nix last night. Not strictly true! The Church is called St Nicolas Church as in “Nicholas” but for historic reasons without the “h!” Now I admit that I must have slept through the school lesson on apostrophes but when I was recruited by said Church I thought I was going to work at the Church of St Nicola (was their one?). Anyway that’s just the context. The Youth group (who were called “The Firm” … I mention this because I’m still getting loads of hits looking for Youth Ministry Names?) affectionately referred to the Church as “St Nix” which I thought was great! However some sectors of the Church did not and were very cross about this retracted form and got quite heated about it being inappropriate that the Church was being referred to as “St Nothing!” I still refer to it as St Nix (when talking to the young people) and actually quite like the fact that the main opposition to this affectionate re-branding is based on a mis-translation. “Nix” doesn’t mean “nothing” it means snow or white! Cool huh? Thought you should know!

St Nicolas in the Nix

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  1. nix,nivis – snow! From the Latin as in the extremely famous lines…
    Quo plus ningit
    tiddeley pum
    eo plus cadit nivis
    tiddeley pum

  2. yay! it’s nice for the teenagers to be right and the old ladies to be wrong!! 😀
    so what is the latin for ‘nothing’??

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