Spammers really wind me up!

I’m having MAJOR problems with spammers and having to delete upwards of 30 a day from Credit cards, Casinos and the like. They REALLY wind me up. I’m feeling quite un-Christian about the whole thing. Wouldn’t be great to unleash the collective power of 5 million bloggers back at the spam saddos, how cool would that be? I know I should turn the other cheek but it’s quite fun wandering off into a fantasy of how the Bloggers might strike back. Imagine if you will the Spammers receiving 5 million pieces of snail mail that were indistinguishable from their genuine orders! Ok fantasy over, can my more technically savvy friends offer any helpful advice? Since writng this I’ve had some really depraved stuff linked to my site as trackbacks, is there an official avenue for reporting this?
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  1. My main e-mail account is with Wanadoo (formerly freeserve) – they have very efficient spam filtering. Otherwise I used to use “Spam Assault” which I downloaded as a free tial (I think from 5Star shareware: and then upgraded (which included the author’s favourite Bible verses in the help menu!). That seems efficien t to me . Another option is a package linked with your anti-virus (I use Trend Internet Security which has spam filtering). Hope that makes sense!

  2. It is worth looking around for an ISP that has spam filtering (Demon use Brightmail which has got rid of a lot of rubbish to those accounts). I used to use a local spam filter, but it did annoy me somewhat that I was paying to transfer all of it before I then just deleted it. In the end I actually got rid of a lot of spam when I went from using an ISP based e-mail account to using my own domain name (also means that you can change ISP without loosing your e-mail address), as I went for a package that included virus checking and spam filtering. So not only do I not get spam, but any virus infected e-mails don’t get anywhere near my computer as they are zapped before they even download. All I get is a notficiation that one has been found.
    The trackback spam is a new variation on comment spam. I’m not sure about your blogging software, but there is a discussion at about how to automatically zap trackback spam on WordPress blogs.

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