On the Resolution Menu

jelly beans.jpg New Years Resolutions,you either love ’em or hate ’em eh! The start of a New Year though is a great time to reveiw, think through and to remember that, (ooh look out for the CHEESY cliche)
“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”
I do note that Sarah has resolved not to be resolute, however other bloggers have put up some resolutions (nothing like a blog to keep you accountable) and as ever I wanted to be a bit helpful. So if you work with young people you can print off this handy list of resolute inspiration and decide which two or three to go for!

I will start organizing the Residential earlier

I will stop and ask why?

I will put aside time to pray for the young people

I will stop eating the tuck when setting up for youth group

I will spend some time with the teenager whose behaviour has been winding me up

I will ask for a proper budget

I will review

I will plan how I can involve young people in leadership

I will seek opportunities to learn

I will listen more

I will tell the church warden it was me that broke the window

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