Non Emerging Leader

I spent the morning not being Jonny Baker!
I was supposed to be at a seminar on Emerging Church led by Jonny. Unfortunately his car broke down (hope it’s fixed if by any chance you read this!) So at the last minute Dot Gosling (Chester College) and I were asked to lead it. We started off by asking why people had signed up to this seminar in particular to see how we’d structure it. The first response was,
“To see Jonny Baker” (be encouraged Jonny!)
We still had a good session though. Dot did an overview and a lot of the Hirsh and Frost stuff on “The Shaping of things to come” was still very much in my mind and proved a helpful framework. We were able to prompt discussion and dispel a few myths. Given that the room was full of trainers representing many different denominations, groups and colleges it was good to be able to discuss the relationship between the Mainstream and the Emerging! As ever more questions than answers but some very astute ones …… which people should direct to the real Jonny Baker!

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