Margaret Hodge and why Telly is better than Youth workers

Slightly bizarre article from the Guardian on “Why Youth Clubs Can be Bad for you” based on some research that’ll turn up along side the green paper. I’m looking forward to hearing what Margaret Hodge really has to say as I think there may be some journalismitus going on! However I want to just point out where this report seems to disappear up its own hypothesis!
1. Claiming that Youth Clubs can be bad for you is a bit off when they are not talking about Youth Work at all, the claims only relate to where there is no activity taking place. Youth work is about opportunity for young people to grow and develop.
2. Claiming that Telly (TV) could be better for young people than “Youth Club” rather flies in the face of all the recent research. I thought were were told that sitting in front of the TV and the resultant inactive snacking leads to obesity and associated health problems.
3. The article appears to think that hanging around at a Youth Club can lead to smoking, underachievement and crime. However at the same time the article quotes that the trouble is only caused by 25-30% (over-estimate I reckon) who resist involvement in organised activities AND therefore wouldn’t be at a Youth Club.

calvin devious.jpg There may be some historical truth in the report I admit as its based on a group born in 1970, I can’t help thinking though that this particular article is not very helpful as it will usually be received as a statement about current practice!
I look forward to the full research and the Green Paper being published and hope it will produce some coverage a bit more positive than this misleading article!

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