London and the quest for free Wi-fi

Grand day out in London, will upload some notes from the Young Leaders symposium tomorrow. Also had chance to go to the Natural History Museum which is so cool, didn’t get to see the “Wildlife photographer of the Year” exhibition as that cost extra but there was more than enough to keep me engaged. Hung around for half an hour at South Kensington underground station with the MP3 player on, it was a great place to people watch! It was like one of those fast-forwarded video clips showing you how a day pans out somewhere, except this was in real time but with the same ever changing rapidity and absorbing drama.
South Kensington was a dump but with a gleaming Lamborghini showroom in the middle of it? It did however boast a fantastic Indian Restaurant and I had a sumptuous feast with some good friends, Curry and conviviality!
Then back to Paddington Station and in fact Paddington himself as there’s a good Openzone Wi-fi signal sitting next to him, only on subscription though, Free wi-fi remained as fictional as the famous Bear.

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