Interruption to “normal” Service

I have an overdue College Assignment which I HAVE to complete this weekend. The negative effects of this will be that I will have to drop all the practical research work I have been doing for my PhD level study in Procrastination! I also will not be blogging about youth work and ministry this weekend. Normal service will resume on Monday!
6 million dollar.jpg In the meantime: Today on my lunchtime stroll I was thinking about the Perfect Youth Worker and what attributes they would have. I then ended up thinking about “The Six Million Dollar Man” which was a truly cheesy TV thing from the 70’s in which featured a character called Colonel Steve Austin. In the show he’d managed to get himself blown up in a Rocket accident but they’d managed to keep him alive and rebuild him to be stronger, faster and with telescope vision (if I remember rightly) …. thus enabling him to be a cunning weapon in the battle with all things that were against the American Way! The two ideas seemed to join up, so given the chance to build the Six Million Dollar Youthworker and therefore the ability to ammend any physical, Intellectual or Emotional limitations, what would you change?

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  1. well they’d have to be supertall to manage A-frame hugs with the tallest of young people, superorganised so their eldest youth group members don’t end up doing all their paperwork and superhuman to survive residentials without coffee!

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