How much stuff do you need?

I blogged a while back about Sarah Mclachlan’s video “World on Fire” and how they’d spent $150 Dollars on the video rather than the usual $150,000. They then gave away the difference and detailed what the money would normally have bought (director, catering, lighting etc) and what it bought instead in the two thirds world! This was a very cool piece of work but it strikes me too that it would make an excellent Basis for a discussion with young people if you are able to be on-line where you meet!
After showing the video you could go on-line and see where members of the group come on the global rich list (quite an eye openener!) and ask the question, How much Stuff do you need?
It would be interesting to look at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs if you know this piece of work. It would also be a challenge to look at a downward list of growing affluence and ask how far down would you draw the line in what you consider acceptable to have in an un-equal world. (I’ve played with a kind of list below which starts off in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and becomes I guess, Youthblog’s hierarchy of greeds!)
Maslow hierarchy.jpg Water to drink
Food to eat
Freedom to travel
A job
Access to Healthcare
A Place to Live
Your own home
A Car
A Holiday
Membership of a health club
Designer Clothes
A Foreign Holiday
Beauty treatment
An expensive Car
Several Foreign Holidays
Cosmetic Surgery
A Holiday Home
Household Staff
A Boat
Personalised Number Plate
An extra Car for fun
Property abroad

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  1. I moved room today and was kinda shocked at all the stuff i have. Loads of ‘stuff’ and all of it has some importance. but I’m not a ‘stuff’ person, I hate clutter and mess and as much as i like ‘things’, i prefer to go skiing.
    I don’t have ‘your own home’ but I have a computer, a hifi, clothes (do designer lables count if they came from charity shops??!?), a motorbike (i’ll count that as ‘car’) and i get to go skiing every year.
    but where did i collect all this ‘stuff’??

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