How do you know you’re Called to Youth Ministry?

Ploughing through the Google Searches that had landed people onto the “Old Kent Road” of the Blogopoly board threw up some interesting stuff. Two particular themes struck me!
Loads of people have been looking for “Youth Ministry Names” or “Youth Group Names” Why? Here’s a tip, get a Vision not a Name, young people will come up with a Name! Sorted!
The search that I really loved though was the one that gives this “post” its title,
“How do you know you’re Called to Youth Ministry?”
What a great question, what an important question! I reckon it’s a great one for the collective wisdom of Blogbury but I thought I’d have a stab at it!
1. You’re not sure entirely how you ended up doing Youth Ministry there just seem to have been things that led that way!
2. You just like young people!
3. There’s other stuff you’ve done and can do BUT Youth Ministry just feels like where you and God connect
4. When you’ve been able to help a teenager work through some stuff you just kind of feel this “YES!” type feeling.
5. When you read the Bible you can’t help seeing the 12 Disciples as a kind of Youth Group and Jesus as a great Youth Minister.
6. When people say “You’re Mad” because your taking some young people away for the weekend, you don’t get why they don’t get it!
7. You log onto Youthblog regularly (couldn’t resist that one!)
8. You laugh a lot when you are with young people.

9. It feels like, this is who you are, who God made you to be!

5 Replies to “How do you know you’re Called to Youth Ministry?”

  1. Grrr! After a particularly TRYING day, I have been trying to persuade myself that I am not called to youth ministry, but coffee shop ministry, or Chicken farming, or ANYTHING that didn’t involve serving the Church in any way shape or form.
    Thanks for reminding me why I’m in this game! K 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I tried to leave a note on your site but it all went pear-shaped. Good to have a Boys Brigade visit to youthblog.

  3. A lot of good points there. I’ll try to see the twelve Disciples as a youth group next time I read about them, that should give new insights 🙂

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