Good to see you!

anonymous.jpg Roy has a great story today on the effect of being able to call a young person by their name after several years gap. A wonderful Youthwork moment where it communicates volumes about the value in which you hold that young person!
I’ve heard it said that the sweetest sound in the world is someone calling you by name, conversley the most grating sound is being addressed by the wrong name! I reckon there’s a lot of truth in this, having observed the effects of getting it right and wrong.
Whenever we’ve run residentials and holidays I’ve tried to get us as a team to take this FULLY on board. It’s a big challenge especially as our abilities to remember names vary enormously and for some people it’s really hard. However if we recognise the value of knowing young people by name then it’s something that we’ll work at. A few years ago someone gave me some great advice on remembering names. As fitting with the Sharey-Carey world of Blogdonia … here it is!
1. Listen out for the persons name (sounds obvious but we tend to be bad at active listening, it’s even worse if we are introduced because we tend to listen out for our own name!)
2. Having heard the name make sure you use it as soon as possible (e.g, “Good to meet you Geoff, do you know anyone here?”)
3. Make some sort of mental association between the name and the Person (doesn’t matter how obscure it’ll make it a firmer part of your memory!)
4. Write it down at the next opportunity! (After a youthwork session it’s really useful to make a few notes that you can read before the next session as a reminder, “Hi Geoff, I was hoping you’d be here again!”)