Conference Update

Lots of debate at the conference around the JNC qualification, it’s future and it’s role. Also what happens when Youth Work (JNC) becomes a degree in 2010? (It will then be a three year degree in itself rather than the degree mix we have at the moment of 2 year JNC diploma with theology/ministry making up the equivilent of year 3). The other big source of debate is VERY importantly around the training of volunteers, should it be accreditted? What motivates volunteers to access training? What’s the most effective way to make it available!
There’s some great people here and I’ve even met “Betty” who contributed majorly to the youthblog debate on JNC and Ministry!

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  1. Freakishly – i just posted in the whole training for full timers thing!
    But training for volunteers – now that is a crucial thing.

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