Come on and Stop me Ammadeus

Here’s a link that will either amuse or sadden you (or both if you’re me!) about Classical Music being used to deter teenagers from congregating! On an amusing level it seems reminiscent of the Track (what was it?) that they accidently discover can defeat the aliens in “Mars Attack!” Mozart as “yob” control!
It does sadden me though that groups of young people are always seen as a problem (I admit they can be a handful!) and that we have a society that doesn’t welcome it’s fledgling members but sees them more as a pest-control issue! Ironic too that a group of young people playing music loud is a problem, adults playing Classical Music loud is a solution! Grrrrhghhghghghghghhhghgh
I am expecting to hear an advert soon that runs along the lines of:
Have you got an infestation of teenagers making your life a misery? You are not alone! Help is now at hand. Introducing new “Yob-be-Gone” in handy CD form. One play success or your money back! Call Now, Operators standing by! (Product does conatin high doses of Mozart, may cause drowsiness in Adults!)
yob be gone.jpg

2 Replies to “Come on and Stop me Ammadeus”

  1. Amused and saddened. And struck by the irony (in some of the comments that followed that article) that hanging around with your friends in a public place is seen as anti-social behaviour, whilst lurking alone in your bedroom is seen as perfectly normal 🙂

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