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Greetings esteemed readers! The Mixed Up Christmas entry has been getting loads of hits, glad it’s proving useful. Embarrasingly though Agent K pointed out a small error, “Fresh Tilt Owl” should read “E Fresh n Tilt Owl!” (I will ammend the resources sheet). I’ll upload another Christmassy quiz I’ve been working on tomorrow.
Other stuff that has impressed me and may be useful in Youth Ministrydom include a FABULOUS take on the 9 lessons service on Jonny Bakers Blog, some awesome publicity themed around Mary from Ben Bell and the Wibsite discovering that Christians have an ally in the Sun Newspaper when it comes to putting Christ back into Christmas! (Rather than the Beckhams!)
We had our first couple of Carol singers last night! The pair of them struggled on bravely, hampered as they were by being unable to sing and not knowing all the words! Hey Ho

The Strange case of the ageing Ecclesiology

With apologies to Arthur conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes.jpg Sherlock Holmes had been engrossed in another of his Chemistry experiments for only a little short of two hours when he finally acknowledged my presence once more.
He held aloft a small test tube and declared,
‘Here it is Watson, the proof that it was not the Butler that poisoned Lady Brompton-Sycal!’
I was, I admit, surprised by this statement for the Butler had been found with a bottle of poison in his hand and had immediately confessed to the crime. I put this to Holmes.
‘Far too simple,’ my companion declared. ‘My suspicions were initially alerted by the window being slightly open, the bruise on the Butlers nose, the dead budgie in the cage and the large quantity of Marmite in the Larder. It’s clear from my experiments that what killed her ladyship was not the poison the Butler held. The poison used was a rare secretion from a deadly tree frog that must have been ingested some twenty fours hours earlier. Normally the taste would be a giveaway but clearly as her Ladyship regularly ate Marmite she had a very poor sense of taste’..
Before Holmes could furnish me with his exact reasoning as to the bizarre behaviour of the Butler and the true source of the crime there came a knock on the door. A man aged roughly thirty was shown into the room. Holmes bade him to take a seat and observed him closely as he introduced himself as Ian Macdonald.

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I noted this notice you’ll notice

Was talking to a Review group at a Church this morning and spotted this on the notice board! Cool huh! I spend quite a bit of time trying to get churches to think about how they can make a difference to young people, I’d love to see this on more notice boards and hearts!

One hundred years from now
it will not matter:
What Car I drove
What kind of house I lived in
How much money I had in the bank
Or what my clothes looked like!

One hundred years from now however
the world may be a bit better place
because I was important
in the life of a young person!

The Mind Googles

hohum sign.jpg Having some fun as ever reading the log entries to see how people found Youthblog! Someone today was looking for “St Egberts” (which I thought I’d made up) and found me as the number one hit! Someone else, and here the mind Boggles, typed “Ian is really Kool” into Google and found me which is very re-assuring as if you look back in the archives I was recently described as only “fairly cool!”
Funniest thing so far is when I was trawling Google for blog ammunition and typed in “Youth Work Bizzare Incidents” and was pointed straight back to YOUTHBLOG! Ho Hum!

Secure Training Centre

I had the opportunity to visit a new Purpose Built “Secure Training Centre” (Young Offenders Institute) today. Big big improvement on anything I’ve seen before ( a lot less jail like and grey). I was encouraged by what I saw but I struggle with the fact we lock up kids as young as twelve!
Earlier this year I spoke at the conference of Prison Chaplains who work with Juveniles, they were a remarkable bunch of Ministers. I learnt a lot from them, their tenacity in the face of so many discouragments was remarkable, while making some real achievements in the lives of the young people through the chaplaincy work.

A bit of blog madness

Blogging is definitely starting to mess with my mind! I was driving to Milton Keynes this morning and thinking along bloggish lines. It suddenly occured to me that it would have been very cool to have had a girlfriend called Destiny. That way I would have had to say,
“I have to go now as I have a date with Destiny!”
I don’t think it was having this thought that worried me, the madness lay in the fact I thought it was hilarious! (Off to lie down now!)

Young People & Spirituality

Was at a fantastic day on Youth Spirituality on Monday, led by a great (Australian) guy by the name of Dr Paul McQuillan. Haven’t blogged about it up until now as I’ve still been digesting it all. I scribbled notes on my IPAQ like there was no tomorrow but regrettably I failed to get it all down. For the moment I’ll just throw out some interesting stuff that I noted (it may not be word perfect):
Some research by Hay. The question was “Have you been aware of a presence or power, whether you call it God or not, which is different from you every day self?”
in 1987 48% said yes
in 2000 76% said yes
Paul picked up on the fact that we do not have a widely developed universal Spiritual language, the language of the Church and the way people express Spiritual experiences are completely different. This of course links in with and feeds the cultural belief that “Religion” and “Spirituality” are not related!
I was also struck by this list of Modern Divorces (missed the author I’m afraid):

     Modern Divorces

  1. Spirituality and Ecclesiology
  2. Religion and Sexuality
  3. Experience and Language

You Fat Face Molehill

Promised to let you know the answers to the Christmas song anagrams and so I will. The Favourite seemed to be this one:
You Fat Face Molehill which re-aranges to make O come all ye faithful!
If you want the rest of the answers then I’ve uploaded them as a pdf into the resources section. They are already to use as individual cards with Holly round them! OOooooh. (Scissors required!)