Youthblog Rambles (no change there then!)

Greetings esteemed readers! The Mixed Up Christmas entry has been getting loads of hits, glad it’s proving useful. Embarrasingly though Agent K pointed out a small error, “Fresh Tilt Owl” should read “E Fresh n Tilt Owl!” (I will ammend the resources sheet). I’ll upload another Christmassy quiz I’ve been working on tomorrow.
Other stuff that has impressed me and may be useful in Youth Ministrydom include a FABULOUS take on the 9 lessons service on Jonny Bakers Blog, some awesome publicity themed around Mary from Ben Bell and the Wibsite discovering that Christians have an ally in the Sun Newspaper when it comes to putting Christ back into Christmas! (Rather than the Beckhams!)
We had our first couple of Carol singers last night! The pair of them struggled on bravely, hampered as they were by being unable to sing and not knowing all the words! Hey Ho