Youthblog proposes a toast

My lords, ladies & Gentlemen. Unaccustomed, as I am, to public speaking I shall constrain this New Year’s eve ramble to expressing my Gratitude to those who make Youthblog what it is, what it was and what it shall be (as it were).
Thanks to special agent K in Berkshire and to Tessa & Sarah who are the official Grammar & spelling advisors to Youthblog. Respect to blog commentators & readers (here’s some of you that I know about) Ben, Sudders, Betty, Dave, Si, Roy, Pete B, Richard, Kt, Stu, Barrie & the Rev Doc D. Web Master P and Comms officer Nat, you rock!
Special mention for Pete who is the Scooby Doo consultant and to kevin, my agent in Canada eh! If you’ve never commented then I have no idea who you are but APPRECITE you all the same. Mr Baker, the spiritual father of blogdom gave me some helpful advice in the early days of youthblog for which I am profoundly grateful. Dave the Wibsite, I raise a glass to you for promoting the Blog and for making me laugh.
Lastly, to everyone who works with young people, I salute you and am so glad that you drop in here from time to time! Here’s to youthwork in 2005!