You Gotta Laugh!

Was reading some research at the weekend on laughter but found it all a bit too serious!? Worrying thing was that it reckoned that Kids laugh up to 400 times a day whereas Adults (thats us!) only manage a triflingly pitiful 9-15 times. Now thankfully I know that my youthwork Bretherin and Sisterin definitely buck this trend and laugh a whole bunch more! That’s one of the great things about youth work, it kind of breeds laughter (I only have to recall the Custard incident or the line “Dave, your leg’s sort of on fire man!” to start laughing).
But I felt that there was no room for complacency, we need to laugh because:

  • It’s good for you (Medically Proven!)
  • It stops us taking ourselves too seriously
  • It builds relationships
  • It celebrates joy
  • It’s contagious
  • It’s a gift of God to be used and enjoyed

So here’s the first YOUTHBLOG free gift, I put together the Laugh Montage you see above and uploaded it as a PDF document for you to print off and stick on your pinboard as a reminder, so do it now, seriously!
Download file

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