Tongue, very much, in Cheek

Sarah jokingly blogged that she could see no theological justification for Christmas Crackers. I felt compelled to respond!
No theological justification for Crackers? To me the Bible resonates with pointers to these as one of the most central symbolic celebrations of Christ’s Birth!
The Cracker comes as a pre-wrapped package, the contents known yet unknown! A clear pointer to the Coming Prophet, Priest and King of the old testament but the mystery, only known in part, still to be revealed!
Opening this package happens with a small explosion, can this be anything other than a dramatic pointer to the fact that the gospel is the “power” of God [Romans 1:16], in the Greek “Dunamis” … literally Dynamite!
The mysterious contents are thus revealed, partly guessed and yet still a suprise. The crown to recognise the coming King. The gift to celebrate the presenting to the Christ of Gold, Frankinsense and Myrrh (it is no accident that cracker gifts are quite obscure I think). Lastly the joke, a profound pointer to God’s humour! While the Magi search for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords at the palace, he is born into poverty, obscurity and danger.
For me the Crackers, as ever, will serve a near sacramental and pivotal role in the feast!
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  1. I bow to the greatness of your theological prowess! I even excuse your use of the word “Pah!” in my comment!!!
    Blog link forthcoming…

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