St Egberts 72nd Annual Bognor Youth Camp

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I know most of us have, however briefly, entertained a similiar thought to the above …. often at 2am on a residential! More dangerous though is a subtle forgetting of the “why we run this trip!” Ocassionally (and not recently!) I have come across Churches that have been running a youth camp or residential for a lot of years. It’s generally got a well established format, has a great history and the leaders love it (some of them remember going when they were teens). Only problem is that they really struggle for numbers now and it’s often hard work to get enough young people to make it viable ….. but they always do, just!
My role is kind of difficult in this situation. I have to find a way of geting the leaders to see that the trip may now be running for their benefit, not the young people. I need to get the leaders to look at, what the aim of the camp is and how that fits into the aims of their work with young people! To look at how it could/should run or not run now.
The places that have been receptive to re-looking at their aims, reveiwing what they do and why they do it, have benefitted enormously.
To re-write a famous hymn:
Plan and review, for there’s no other way
to be ha-ppy in youth work
but to Plan and review

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  1. Amazing that you manage to write two hours ahead of the day beginning! The powers that you DYAs have!
    As to your blog today… well we’ve talked about that I think!

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