Saturday Test Card Special

test card 2.jpg
Funny thing is that hardly anyone reads Youthblog on a Saturday, so I thought I’d just put up the test card! If bizzarely anyone has logged on then can I just say, ooops SORRY! Here’s some links to other youthy-work type blogs like Hutchinson, Lost Empires, Barky, Ben Bell and Lewis!
Call back soon eh!

3 Replies to “Saturday Test Card Special”

  1. So not a great day for me to choose to drop in then, huh?
    Wonder what ever happened to the testcard girl?
    Oh, no wait a minute I’ve got the internet. I’ll go away and find out.
    Right. Her name is Carole Hersee and there’s actually an internet movie database entry for her!:
    And Chandos publishing have produced 2 volumes of testcard music:
    Well, thats just wasted an hour of my morning. Still, better than cleaning up 4-year-old puke, which is what I was doing at 3:30am.

  2. The testcard lady was actually left handed. They flipped the picture so it related to a larger percentage of the population.
    I’m a Christian illusionist. Visit my website.

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