Nativity Oddity

Hutchinson has linked to a few different Nativity scenes on his blog right up to a life size one. There’s some interesting ones from around the world on Beliefnet (click on creches). I also thought it’d be “good” to put this one up that I’m still reeling from twelve months on!
I lay the gauntlet down my blog-buddies, find one more cheesy, tasteless and crass …… bet you can’t!
bear nativity.jpg

4 Replies to “Nativity Oddity”

  1. Hmm. If the photos from our nativity come out, I’ll see if I can send you a picture. Mary was a mop tied to chair,and the crib was flanked by a Genie, Widow twankee and a ditzy school girl holding ballons proclaiming ‘It’s a girl!’
    L-o-n-g story!
    K 🙂

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