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garfield.jpg Set up the video projector last night for a mini movie fest. First off was watching “Garfield” with my kids. Most reveiws had said that was not a very good film and they were perhaps being a little over generous. Having said that though for one of my boys the humour was the stuff he loves, Cat falls off roof, Cat hits dog etc. I normally like to pick out something that could be useful for a youth group discussion or the like, in this case, I failed. The only redeeming moment for me though was the tongue-in-cheek theft of a line from Jerry McGuire, I won’t spoil the films one good line though by telling it to you!
paycheck.jpg Next up was “Paycheck” which Rocked. A quick proviso though, you need to have clicked the “disable scientific plausibility” on the remote but having done this, an enjoyable cool thriller with all the cliched ingredients that are vital. In this case, served up well and with some good twists and turns. From a Youth Group point of view there’d be some great stuff on Free Will, the future, Fate, determinism and the like!

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  1. Paycheck is indeed EXCELLENT even despite Ben Affleck’s TERRIBLE acting! The whole concept is so good and the graphics great that you don’t worry too much about the appalling woodenness of B-lo (par)
    I would certainly ask young people about the morality of scientific exploration and the possibility of repentance. Not as good at addressing issues of memory and forgetting as the incredible Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!
    Oh and as it wouldn’t be a comment from me without something picky… it’s Jerry Maguire not Gerry 🙂

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