Mixed Up Christmas

Well I heard “Stop the Calvalry” in a shop yesterday so it’s officially time for me to start thinking about Christmas! I thought I’d post something vaguely useful today for a Christmas discussion.
Below are fifteen anagrams of Christmassy Carols and songs:
joseph_walking_mary_riding_donkey_lg_nwm.gif E Glows a second King
Bell jig lens
Calms this Star
Freshen tilt owl
Hark he art held
English Tint
Send with a glass
Smith is a wretch
Anagram ye a win
My a soft thorn News
you fat face molehill
Sweat needs more within
Chat desk hell
This knee Grew
A blond Irish Wench
Might be fun to use this for a quiz then follow it up with a discussion about it being a mixed up Christmas. How about using a list like the one below and then putting them in the order you’d assume from TV or walking up the High St, then putting them in an order that is True to the Christian celebration of the Birth of Jesus.
Giving, Buying, Family, Friends, Drinking, Prayer, Eating, Celebrating Jesus’ Birth, Partying, Getting, having, Worship, helping others, TV, Posessions, Spending, Having time for people, time for yourself, what you want, taking, what others want, time with God, desires, needs, sharing, self, silence, noise, others.
And what ever list you come up with, a challenge to ask,
“How can we re-mix Christmas to be more like it should … and will we?”
……. oh, the answers to the anagrams! WEll yes, don’t want to spoil your fun, I’ll post them up in the week 🙂

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  1. Ditto! 😉 Although I’ve not sat down and worked it out ‘you fat face molehill,’ is a sentance that will amuse me for the rest of the day!

  2. You could write a short story inspired by each of those titles! Potential for silliness just oozes from every letter…

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