Looking back, that was the year that was!

In what could be seen as an overly self referential exercise, but what I see as an ironic tribute to New Years eve’s TV scheduling, here’s the best of YOUTHBLOG 2004!
The Heretical nature of Baseball Caps! Maybe I should of called this the “her-hat-ical nature of caps” but hey ho! As a post it not only created some amusement and debate around baseball caps in Church but made it onto the wibsite and you can see it (if you look hard) on a page in Decembers Youthwork magazine!
In at the deep end was a chance to comment on Health and Safety as well as reminisce about the time I had to life-guard a paddling pool. Serious issues but in this case, serious fun!
I have a cunning plan was perhaps a little too audacious but in terms of getting Church involved in young people it was certainly AN idea!
School of Rock was a film that got me thinking, the bit that I was really chuffed about though was there was an actual seminar run this year (in France) that actually took and used my blog idea! weird but cool, but weird!
Caught in posession of a hoody was a good insight into how young people get labelled, tagged and written off. When you’re wound up about something being able to blog is good therapy! The fact that some people read it as well is fantastic.
That was looking back, but on New Years day I plan to blog some universally adaptable New Years resolutions for youth workers! I’d love some suggestions in advance!

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  1. *Beams proudly, having seen her catchphrase paraphrased (no less) on the much celebrated Youthblog*
    Cool, but weird… but cool!!!

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