It’s, well Incredible!

Went to see “The Incredibles” yesterday and it is, in fact, incredible! Pixar have done it again and come up with a truly original story that would stand up regardless of the animation which just happens to be jaw-droppingly awesome!
This is animation that has truly come of age, it’s not a kids film at all (long, complex and with lots of relationship development) but it is Childlike in the best sense. It has the best screen villian EVER and has wit, pathos and humour in great measures. I really loved this film. It’ll be well worth getting the DVD but you should see it at the cinema!
(I spoke to one female youth worker this morning who thought it might be more of a blokes film? So I’d love some more female perspectives on this!)
Watching it in a Youth worker sort of a way, I loved Violet’s part in the film, her move from adolescent awkwardness to a greater self awareness and confidence was great!

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  1. I agree that the villain was fabulous but… the best screen villain ever? I think Alan Rickman as the Sherrif of Nottingham in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves was pretty much exemplary.

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