Boxing Day Musings

Cool Boxing day! In Church this morning teenagers were mentioned in the sermon AND in a positive light with empathy and understanding! Very encouraged by that, so so so few sermons ever seem to include illustrations or applications that relate at all to teens. This afternoon I sat in a Simpsons inflatable Chair (don’t ask!) with a glass of Glenmorangie and listened to The Streets CD “Original Pirate Material” very very cool. This will definitely crop up in future blogs as its class in terms of music, communication, honesty and vibe!
Other Christmassy stuff: Finally made it down the skate board ramp on my skateboard (You have to bear in mind that I didn’t get a skateboard until I was 34!). Accelerating rapidly down a concrete slope balanced on a small board and careering towards lots more concrete while attempting to do small controlled corrections turns out to be quite an aid to focus! (If anyone from St Nix wondered why I was hobbling on Christmas day? It was from the time I lost focus!)
Utterly defeated the Snowball game by completing the bonus round after level 9, YES!

3 Replies to “Boxing Day Musings”

  1. Huzzah!! You liked The Streets!!! If only Christians didn’t get offended quite so easily, that music could be used for teaching purposes in sooo many forms. I must pass on to you the 2nd album – ‘A Grand Don’t Come For Free’ – whose 11 tracks actually tell a story. Not only are they inspired pieces in their own right, but they compose an amusing and rather original plot, too.

  2. P.S. Just tried the snowball game – couldn’t stop laughing for long enough to actually get anywhere! Will have to try again when I’m feeling more serious and bloodthirsty. It was the little green blighters giggling so cruelly yet cutely at the poor red kids’ demise that really got to me, so I think enough times hearing that din should get me in the mood for some serious snowballing mischief to be made.

  3. Simpson Chair – yep, got one of those last Christmas, it now takes pride of place in the “Chill Corner” of Youth Cafe – always a fight to sit in it & punch Homer’s head!

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