Advent Calender

Hooray it’s December and I’ll feel less grumpy about Christmas stuff being everywhere! Interesting thought as to whether Advent has become our Christmas Season and the the Twelve days of Christmas have now just become the Sales and New Year Parties?
Anyway, have you got an Advent Calender? If not you may want to check out the online one on Beliefnet. The site is a religion and Spirituality one but the advent Calender doors that I’ve been able to look at so far have some good Christian content. Usefully too it’s stuff you may be able to use, for example today has a selection of Nativity scenes from around the world.
Indonesia nativity scene.jpg
Haven’t heard Jona Lewie’s “Stop the Cavalry” yet, this alway signals the point at which I start to feel festive!

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  1. Definitely think that in the country at large Advent (or at least December) is regarded as Christmas. The twelve days of Christmas is just a song!
    A couple of teams at work put their decorations up on 1st December, as have a number of the houses that regularly decorate around the area. Of course come January 2nd they will all be gone, and everywhere will be in to January Sales.
    What has slightly bugged me is that when I walked into Church for Choir Practice tonight, some enterprising person is following suit and has put up and decorated the Christmas tree already. It does somewhat clash with the undecorated church due to the penitential season. Bah humbug etc… 🙂

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