5 Replies to “Aaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhh”

  1. Did you not know that the holy family were in fact dry seed pods? http://www.christmasinternational.com/nativity/images/teazlenat.jpg
    or was Jesus actually born in a Santa? http://www.discountcatholicproducts.com/Sub-Pages/Nativity-Sets/RA-Metal/RA-50-201-red.jpg
    nope, they were in fact on safari… http://www.amerheritage.com/merchimages/christmas/Bigskycarvers/bigsaf.jpg
    just have a browse on http://www.amerheritage.com/salespages/bigsky/bigskycarver.htm and squirm at the hideousness!

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. I was going to say it was the chicken themed nativity that was the most bizarre. Then I saw the baby Jesus MOOSE. KT, I salute you!

  3. The shame of it is people buy this stuff, cannot get my head around it.
    This pic takes it to a whole new level – not sure I want to go there!! The next one will have rudolph instead of a donkey…now there is a marketing idea!

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