A Red Bull and Vodka please!

I was in town yesterday and over heard a fascinating snippit of a conversation about drinking. There were three teenagers, two girls and one boy, one of the girls said,
“I don’t know why I drink it really, it’s not that strong! But I like the taste!”
It was a great phrase to overhear on the day that the press (Times Article) picked up some of the stuff from the European Values survey and especially the amount that teenage girls are drinking. It’s such an indicative quote, the alchoholic strength is the most important component (either to the girl or to the peer group!)
It’s well worth reading the article, especially the stories of three teenage girls. The statistics are depressing!
The Times asks the question, “How do we deal with binge drinking?”
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2 Replies to “A Red Bull and Vodka please!”

  1. one of my blockmates (from the flat downstairs) is ‘proud’ that he drank a litre and a half of vodka in 40 minutes….
    ‘In the end they will be destroyed. They do whatever their bodies want, they are proud of their shameful acts, and they think only about earthly things.’ Phil 3:19…

  2. This is a huge issue – both in terms of reaching what someone called “happy pagans” – I mean it can be fun right?
    But also to encourage Christian youth to stay Godly.
    Maybe its time for a new temperance movement?
    (that would be a challenge for me!).

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