A bit of blog madness

Blogging is definitely starting to mess with my mind! I was driving to Milton Keynes this morning and thinking along bloggish lines. It suddenly occured to me that it would have been very cool to have had a girlfriend called Destiny. That way I would have had to say,
“I have to go now as I have a date with Destiny!”
I don’t think it was having this thought that worried me, the madness lay in the fact I thought it was hilarious! (Off to lie down now!)

7 Replies to “A bit of blog madness”

  1. you have now worried me, as my laughter has upset the rest of the office. Still chuckling as I write this. I might need more than a lie down!!

  2. I’ve often thought that one of the car manufacturers should be encouraged to use the model name ‘Drove’. As in ‘they’re turning up in…’
    And I don’t even have a blog.

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