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Calvin becomes a teenager.jpg Hey, if you’ve logged on for the first time from the link in Youthwork magazine, WELCOME! Over the course of the blog entries you’ll find funny stuff, links, discussions and recomendations, all of them coming from a youth work heart. You can either read through the archive or use the search facility. Youthblog is updated nearly every day so there’s usually something new to read. It’s always great to have comments or e-mails (click where it says) and I hope you’ll find stuff that make you:
Say “Hey I could use that!”

I’m fortunate enough to have quite a few Youthblog Agents around the web who send me links, ideas and stories. Recruits welcome!

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  1. You’ve really made it now you got into John Allen’s website listings! Nice one! Where would we be without Youthwork Magazine?

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